Lieb Pinot Blanc: A Great White from Long Island

12 years ago by Tim

I was first introduced to the Lieb Pinot Blanc at Gramercy Tavern, one of our favorite restaurants in NYC. They had the 2003 vintage while featuring locally sourced wines & foods. I grew up on Long Island, but this was the first time I had even heard of, let alone tried, a wine being made on Long Island.

We quickly fell in love with the North Fork wine country and made regular trips out. There's a decent amount of wine being produced there, but the overall quality can be hit-or-miss. That said, Lieb is definitely one of the better producers in the region and are best known for their consistently good Pinot Blanc. I was excited to see this wine being carried by PA Wine & Spirits and think it will make a fine introduction to the region for many PA natives. I'm also hopeful this will be the start of more North Fork wineries being available in the state.

The 2011 Lieb Pinot Blanc has a touch more sweetness than I remember in other vintages, but there's still plenty of acidity. It's crisp, but with body and complexity - not just a box of rocks. It's an absolutely wonderful summer wine and very food friendly. It's an absolute steal for $12.99 - we regularly bought in the winery for $24 and local NY wine stores never had it cheaper than $20.

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